XFLAM Fire Resistant Insulated Panel System

This high performance fire resistant panel has excellent mechanical properties, superior insulation values, and low toxicity making this panel the best multipurpose panel available.

XFLAM Panel is available for interiors, exteriors, facades, roofing and ceiling applications. It is ideal for almost any application that requires a fire safe, mechanically strong building product.

In addition, it’s high thermal performance makes it an ideal insulated panel product for food processing facilities, distribution centres, cool rooms and freezers.

XFLAM Panel is also 100% recyclable, easy and fast to install, saving you time and money during construction.

XFLAM Performance Panel has undergone multiple testing and approvals making it easy for you to insure while also giving peace of mind that you have an approved and conforming building product.

XFLAM Key Benefits

  • Superior strength and spanning capabilities with lengths available up to 25metres
  • Fire rating up to 120 min (FRL /120 / 90)
  • Thermal performance (R Values up to 8.0+)
  • Continuous insulation eliminating thermal bridging
  • Sound absorption with excellent acoustic ratings (Rw 25)

  • Robust and durable building envelope

  • Reduction of structural support
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable building product
  • Warranty up to 36 years
  • FM Approval for insurance and peace of mind
  • Product compliance with the NCC and AS-NZ Standards

EPS-FR Insulated Panel Systems

Our EPS-FR Panel range is a cost-effective construction solution with impressive strength to weight ratio.

This BCA Group 1 product contains a Flame-Retardant (FR) which means in the event of a fire, the core is self-extinguishing.

Due to its low density, this panel core provides further savings in the cost of foundations, framing and auxiliary insulation.

EPS-FR’s high thermal performance makes it best used as wall and ceiling panels in freezers, cool rooms, clean rooms, portable buildings, food production and as a cost-effective partition and permanent or temporary interior wall.

EPS-FR Key Benefits

  • Flame Retardant
  • Thermally efficient (R Values up to 8)
  • Acoustic ratings up to Rw 23
  • Lengths available up to 25 metres

  • Fast to install
  • Low density

  • Cost effective
  • Food safe – antibacterial skins

Fire Retardant Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Insulated Panel

Complementing the complete range of panel options offered, the PIR panel has been designed for high thermal performance. This rigid polyurethane foam core panel can be used to good effect in applications requiring a high thermal resistance.

It’s easy and fast to install and is available in a variety of products and applications with a range of colours and profiles.

The key benefit of using PIR panel is its thermal performance, making it a suitable solution for insulated roofing, storage and warehousing.

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Key Benefits

  • Fire retardant polyisocyanurate
  • Thermally efficient (R Values up to 8+)
  • Lengths available up to 16 metres

  • FM Approved for roofing, external walls, internal walls and ceilings
  • No height restriction
  • Light weight alternative to concrete construction